SA Driving Test

Got your L's?  You can start learning to drive, but under special L-rules and conditions.  Follow the rules and your're cool.  Don't, and you'll get a fine, lose demerit points or lose your permit (be disqualified).

With your L's you'll get a book called The Driving Companion.  It's all in there - compulsory driving hours, choosing a qualified supervising driver or a motor driving instructor, how to get your P1 get your head around the lot. Excel Drive has awesome instructors that can help you with all aspects and questions to do with getting your licence.

The Driving Companion booklet contain the log book to record your compulsory driving hours and you'll get a copy with your learner's permit.

The driving Companion includes:

  • Driving Controlling your car and responding to what's happening around you.  Plus check your vehicle, observing, planning and defensive driving strategies.
  • Log Book  To record your compulsory driving hours each time you drive.
  • Vehicle-On-Road Test (VORT) and Competency Based Training (CBT) Two ways to qualify for your P1 Provisional Licence.  Pass a practical driving test (VORT) or gradually complete Competency Based Training (CBT).  The Driving Companion contains the competency standards for both options.

Using the log book
Every time you drive, record the details on the green forms in the Driving Companion.  There are 10 forms to record your day driving... and 2 forms for night driving.

Make sure your log book's completed accurately and honestly. Penalties apply for fraudulent information.

govsaRef: Government of South Australia
Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure


VORT (Vehicle On Road Test)

Government Fee: $32.00
Examiner Fee: $178.00
Use of Instructor Car (optional): $140.00
Own car: Free

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