Log Book Experts

As part of the new Graduated Licensing System, all learner drivers will be required to complete a required number of supervised driving hours (including some night driving).

The requirements do change slightly from state to state. Check below to see the requirements for your state:


When using your Log Book, it is recommended that you record all of your driving experience in different conditions. This means you can keep track of the type of conditions you have driven in and by the time you go for your driving test, you should have lots of experience in all driving conditions.

Before you commence any practice or fill out a section of your learners log book, your Qualified Supervising Driver should explain each driving task to you.

Start your driving practice on quiet streets and as your driving gets better, begin to experience a wider range of conditions. You could try driving in:

  • Light conditions (day, night, dawn, dusk)
  • Weather conditions (rain, fog)
  • Types of roads (highways, gravel roads)
  • Traffic conditions (light or heavy)

Only drive in these conditions when you are comfortable controlling your car, and only try one new condition at a time so you have the chance to become familiar with each new situation.

Don't combine lots of new driving conditions all at once, and try easier driving conditions first before slowly moving to harder conditions when you're ready. Fill out the appropriate sections in your learners log book as you complete them.