Defensive Driving Course

Available In Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide

Course Highlights

  • Experienced and enthusiastic instructors
  • Practical driving exercises
  • Perfect for P-Platers!

Learn necessary driving skills with Excel Drive. Our Defensive Driving School is beneficial to all drivers. What takes place in a defensive driving course? Quite simply, defensive driving is where you take precautionary measures to prevent accidents or untoward incidents. Defensive driving is one of the best ways to ensure the safety of you and your passengers, as well as others on the road.

No matter how safe we individually act on our roads, the fact remains that we're powerless when it comes to other drivers. Unfortunately, it's highly difficult to anticipate the actions of other drivers, especially if they haven't taken one of our courses.

To avoid accidents and protect yourself while behind the wheel, consider taking our defensive driving course. When it comes to preventing needless road mishaps, these courses offer a wealth of information and practical exercises, and the best thing to do is adopt a defensive approach from a qualified defensive driving school instructor. We offer our defensive driving course in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.

Defensive Driving Course Level 1

The defensive driving level 1 course is a great experience for all drivers. Though our speciality is P-Platers, we are able to teach those on their learners permit when accompanied by a full licensed driver. We believe defensive driving skills are fundamental to drivers at all levels. For younger drivers, our course can help you to develop your defensive driving skills and foster sound techniques. For more experienced drivers, you can benefit from refreshing your existing skill-set, improved judgement on the road and a better reaction time.

Contact our driving school today to arrange a defensive driving course in Melbourne, Sydney, Central Coast or Adelaide designed just for you.

We also offer driving lessons for learner drivers in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.