What our students are saying


The following comments are taken from the letters and emails we regularly receive from satisfied graduates of our driving course.

An instructor who gave me the confidence to pass my test .....
Highly recommend Excel Drive's Andy Coleman as an instructor who gave me the confidence to pass my test in Victoria.  Always patient, even when answering the smallest questions.  His calm nature made me feel at ease in the lead up to the test.  The trust he gives to his students by not immediately resorting to using his pedals when there's an upcoming hazard, but instead allowing us to react first, will give you the confience to pass your test as well!  Big thanks Andy :)
Nadine Ah


Danielle Jones rated Excel Drive 5 out of 5 stars  * * * * *
I've just passed my test first time in a manual thans to Serge Kleiner!  Couldn't have done it without you.  Thanks for your patence with me!!


I just got my licence and I really appreciate the guidance from my instructor...
I just got my licence and I really appreciate the guidance from my instructor Dave Kendall. He's an awesome guy and I really enjoyed the time driving with him.  He gave me much support which was very useful.  I think those driving times with Dave will be with me as lifelong memories.  Thanks Dave!
Yanchen Zhang


Thank you so much Excel Drive and Andrew Borecki!!  I really appreciate the time and patience that you gave me.  I was a little wary of driving, having gone with a different driving school beforehand, but you really helped me drive with confidence and get over the line!  A very big thank you - definitely a great instructor!  Highly recomment to anyone who is learning to drive
Alex Rios (NSW)


From Marcus, the dad of Ruby who had lessons with Serge.  "Thank you Excel Drive, and especially to Serge, for so magnificently facilitating Ruby's rite of passage into Drivership with the successful passing of her driving test.  We, as parents, are so happy with the help and support that Serge and the Excel Drive team provided for Ruby so that she can now take to the roads in as prepared a state as possible for any young adult.  With the 120+ hours of experience under her belt and all the skills learned along the way, we hope she can remain safe as she starts her driving career - she is certainly a better driver than either of her parents were at the stage of our respective lives!  We would be happy to recomend Excel Drive and Serge to other parents as their kids move through this important and somewhat dangerous part of their transition to adulthood."
Marcus, dad of Ruby!


It was great choosing Excel Drive for my driving lessons.  I am so thankful and lucky to have had Andy Coleman as my instructor.  His passion for teaching to drive is excellent.  He is so calm and supportive. He was like this from the very start all the way through to the day of my test.  For anyone wanting driving lessons, definetly choose Excel Drive, especially Andy Coleman - he's the best!
Mylene Mamril


Andrew is a very dedicated and committed teacher. Unlike other driving instructors, he doesn't just tell me to look left/right/behind but explains the consequences that might occur if I don't do those things.  Andrew has also corrected my steering and now I'm able to manouvre the car more easily.  Above all things, Andrew is a very lovely and fun person and I would recommend him to anyone who is learning to drive.
Nakita Kumar


Thank you Andy and Excel Drive for helping me clean up small habits and showing me exactly what is expected in getting tested for my P's.  Thanks to my lessons I felt confident going into my test and couldn't be happier with my result!
Kaylah Cuthbert


Andy, I just wanted to say thank you for everything.  You are a fantastic instructor who showed a clear understanding and more importantly, patience.  I had a bad experience with another driving school, but you were able to bring back my confidence in my driving and helped me pass the driving test.  Thank you so much!
Daminga Wimalarathne


Thank you so much to Joe Virgona and Excel Drive for helping me get my P's this morning in Werribee!!  I think my mum will definitely book lessons for my younger bro when he gets close to doing his P's.  I will highly recommend Excel Drive School to everybody.
Katherine Deppeler


Thanks so much for all your help Shimi (Geva).  You prepared me for the test & the long journey ahead.  I couldn't have done it without you.
Andre Coten


Not only was Andrew Long a very funny character, but he made the lessons fun!  He told me what I needed to know and didn't muck me around. 
Edwin Hoe


Lessons were a great experience with John Dounis.  There was no mucking around, he just got me to where I had to be.  I have really early starts at work, it will be good to drive there.
Nathan Bismire


I would like to say a bif thnk you to Sam Georgious and Randa Mehwach from Excel Drive.  I really appreciate the time and care you gave to teach me.
Jayden Basile


I'm so happy to have passed my test, I can now go wherever I want and I don't have to worry about the very slow public transport system.  Thanks to Rick Hopper, you're the best!!
Cassidy Randell


Phil Sandlers was a great instructor.  He built my confidence and helped me work on the areas that needed a little polish up.  Thanks Phil!
Stephanie Chris


Andy Coleman at Excel Drive gave me the skills and the confidence to pass my driving exam on the first try.
Matt Hurley


I waited till I was 21 to get my licence and I;m so happy to have passed first time!  Life will be so much easier now.  John Dounis was a fantastic teacher and I'm now a very confident driver. Thanks John!
Cameron Pace


I feel great!  Andrew Long was an amazing instructor.  Very patient and also made my lessons fun.
Jo-Anne Roissetter


Thanks Serge Kleiner for all your help - you were awesome!  Summer is here and I have my licence, life is good!
Catherine Ellis

Thank you so much to Joe Virgona and Excel Drive for helping me get my P’s this morning in Werribee@!!  I think my mum will definitely book lessons for my younger bro when he gets close to doing his P’s.  I will highly recommend Excel Drive school to everybody.

Hi Excel Driving School, Today I passed my driving test on the first go !!!!!!!!  I can't thank my driving instructor Mr Andrew Borecki enough !!! He is a consummate professional.  He started with an absolute beginner and has transformed me into a confident and capable driver of Sydney's roads and highways !!!!!!!!!!! Thank very much Andrew Borecki and Excel Driving School, you guys are number one !!!!! I am very happy customer today!!!! Kind Regards

William Q – NSW

My instructor was very informative and helped me build my confidence
Tim Ramages

He made the whole experience something to look forward to each time
Andrew Long

After putting off taking driving lessons for four years I finally decided it was time, as I was finding it difficult to take my seven month old daughter places.I would like to thank you so much for organising Tim Ramages as my driving instructor.  I started my lessons on the 30th October and eight lessons later I was confident and ready to successfully pass my driving test.My instructor was very informative and helped me build my confidence, which I had none of before starting my lessons.  I was so happy with my experience that I recommended Tim to my brother who is just about to start his lessons with him.Once again, thank you so much, see ya on the road. 

Jessica B - Sth Australia

I'd like to take the opportunity to write regarding my recent driving instructor, Andrew Long.He was an excellent teacher, very clear and confident and provided an excellent learning environment.  He had such a great sense of humour and made the whole experience something to look forward to each time.I have recommended him to my friends who need their licence and with his services I'm sure they'll pass their test first time too!Kind regards and many thanks. 

Paul Y - Victori

 I passed my driving test to successfully obtain a full licence with high scores this Tuesday. That makes me very excited and relieved. My instructor is Andrew Borecki, who is a very nice and responsible guy with abundant driving and teaching experience.

Now I really want to thank him for his kind help and I will have no hesitation to recommend Andrew Borecki to anyone who is eager to boost his/her driving skills.

Jessica Z - Sydney

I want to let you know how happy I was with Beric Clifford (Victoria) as my driving instructor! I had him for a week and I passed my test! In that week he taught me how to be a safe driver. I thought I already was before, but he really made me a safer driver, a more understanding driver too! He took the time to teach me techniques and now I just do them while driving! I'm so happy how much he helped me accomplish getting my license!!! I'm 23 years old and 33 weeks pregnant at the time, so it was a big rush and a lot of pressure on us both getting my license in a week! But we did it! 
A massive thanks to Beric Clifford! Highly recommend him! I'm a much safer happier driver! Thanks so much! 

Talia R

I'd just like to say Brian Dapcevic is an awesome driving instructor. He knew exactly how to teach me what I needed to know, was very knowledgeable and so patient. If there is some sort of award for being an awesome driving instructor he definitely deserves it.

Thank you so much to all at Excel Drive and especially the wonderful Brian!

Emily Neil - NSW

Dear Excel Driving School Staff, 

I would like to sincerely thank your team with regards to my son Timothy’s driving lessons. Timothy passed his driving test to successfully obtain his probationary license yesterday. 

The instructor was Jack Kumar who originally advised that Timothy would only require about 3 or 4 lessons before his big day. Timothy did have only three lessons prior to his final lesson and VicRoads testing yesterday. 

This experience will boost my son’s confidence. I will have no hesitation in recommending Excel Driving School to anyone who asks and I look forward to dealing with you again in a few years when my daughter looks forward to obtaining her driver’s license. 


Brett J. Victoria

To Excel Driving School,

A short time ago I passed my driving test and would like to express what a wonderful driving teacher Reg Naidoo was. Having spent years having bouts of lessons without continuing through to completion, I have been taught by many teachers and I can easily say that Reg was the best of them.

Reg is patient and supportive and highly invested in his students' success. He created a comfortable learning environment and was a pleasure to spend time with. He was able to draw from a range of strategies when needed for the more technical tasks, finding alternative ways to assist me when necessary. As a teacher myself I had a great appreciation for Reg's adaptability. 

When I took the test, I was absolutely certain that I would fail that first time due to my extreme nervousness, despite the fact that after a great deal of lessons and practice, I was confident that I could actually drive. Reg was a reassuring presence during the test and had this not been the case, I still believe that I would have failed.

I would not hesitate to recommend Reg to any prospective student.

Best Regards, 

Lise Kaufman

I just wanted to drop a quick email to say thank you Tony!  Tony Barrow is an exceptional teacher and I can honestly say that I could not have passed my test without him. I happily recommend him to anyone who wants a great teacher to teach them to drive.

Edward Wong, Adelaide

I am writing to express my gratitude for one of your drivers. I have just passed my probation licence test at Carlton today and have a wonderful member of your team to thank.  Reg Naidoo has been teaching me how to drive since December last year.  Prior to Reg I was with another driving school where I felt I was not getting the correct tools to drive in an inner city suburb and told to book my test in a suburban area to pass.

Reg is wonderful at teaching, explaining and has the patience of a Saint and I coudn't thank him more for giving me the confidence on the road I have today. I hope teachers like this are rewarded and recognised for their contribution.  I will highly recommend Excel Drive and Reg to anyone I know who is looking for an instructor.

Mirjana Radosavljev, Victoria

My name is Michaela and I recently had seven driving lessons with Dalla Booth in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, which resulted in me passing my driving test. I just want to say how great Dallas was throughout the whole experience.  

Prior to him I had lessons with an instructor from RACV which turned me completely off driving, while Dallas made me feel comfortable and safe.  I think he's a great guy and instructor, he deserves the recognition for really taking the time to help people like myself his and help in building the confidence for something as important as driving.

Thank you Excel Drive, you have all been great throughout

Michaela, Victoria

I'd like to express my thanks to Megan McLaughlin, the Excel Drive Instructor with whom I did a few lessons in presparation for my driving test.  Megan seemed to me a highly qualified and experienced instructor, she's a real professional - she immediately spotted the weak areas of my driving and was consistent in improving them. She was very supportive and knowledgeable, giving me clear, consise instructions which I appreciated so much. Thanks to Megan my driving has improved greatly and I've become more confident and comfortable on the road.  I was successful in obtaining my licence first time and would definitely recomment Megan to anyone learning to drive

Viktoriya Fedorova, Victoria

I found Excel Drive through the University of Sydney Access website and went for the pack of 5 option with a free 6th lesson.  Michael McVickers was a fantastic instructor, I learnt a lot in every lesson with him and I very comfortably passed the driving test on my first go at Five Dock!  

Thanks very much Michael, I'll definitely be recommending you to my friends!

Julie, New South Wales

Growing up in a household where both parents are not drivers, getting my learner's permit wasn't a priority for me.  I FINALLY decided at the age of 27 to get my act together and get my L's!  My driving instructor was David and I have noting but praise for him.  He wasn't pushy or forceful....he understood I needed more time than others in preparing for my P's.  

He was kind, knowledgeable, supportive and funny.  I got my P's the first time round and would recommend David Campbell and Excel Drive to anyone interested in learning to drive.
Many thanks again.

Rosie, Victoria

I would like to express my gratittude to my driving instructor, Brian Dapcevic, in assisting me to obtain my driver's licence.  Brian made the process so easy and took the time to find the best way to explain things to me that made my learning not only relevant but also enjoyable.  After my weekly lessons with Brian I was able to obtain my licence.

I believe that Brian is an excellent instructor, very calm and so friendly - this helped to make the process a lot less stressful and gave the confidence to not only obtain my licence, but also to continue to drive comfoortably and safely.

I was impelled to email and let you know of the great service received from Excel Drive.  I will be recommending Brian to others in the future.

Louise, New South Wales

I would like to extend my gratitude to you and to your company for providing me a driving instructor who is indeed patient, expert and professional. Her name is Rhonda Hopkins and I would like to commend her competence and commitment to her job. She is a very good instructor.


To Dmitri - A big thank y ou for all your help with my lessons while I was in Melbourne.  I did my test and passed first time!  I can still hear you when I'm driving.... 'head check, head check'  I couldn't have passed the test without you!  I'm so happy and so relieved.  Thank you again!

Bonnie, Victoria

I had the pleasure of taking four one-hour lessons from Domenic Gulli, who was able to put me (quite nervous before the first lesson) at ease with his great rapport-building skills. Domenic was positive, patient, calm, attentive, knowledgeable, encouraging and motivating in every lesson. Being a 38 year-old driver who previously held a full licence issued overseas but expired seven years ago, I also appreciated that I had an instructor who was never condescending when giving advice.


Hi, my name is Ebony.  I recently did my lessons with Alin Daju who is a driving instructor with Excel Drive.  I just wanted to thank Excel Drive for giving me such an awesome instructor. I always looked forward to my lessons, and although I should have been excited to get my P's I was actually disappointed that was the end of my lessons with Alin.  Alin was a great instructor and I will definitely be recommending Excel Drive to anyone I know that needs lessons. He had a lot of patience and great sense of humour.  So, thank you so much to you guys and a big thanks to Alin.

Ebony, South Australia

I just wanted to write to you to say a huge THANK YOU to your driving instructor, Andrew Borecki. It has been a couple of months now since I passed my driving test (first go too) and I am still driving on the roads with great confidence. Before I had started my lessons with Andrew, I couldn't have said the same - I was extremely afraid and very hesitant about driving. His teaching by far, has exceeded my expectations. I think Andrew is a fantastic driving instructor and is a great asset to Excel Drive!


Dear Michael,
This note is to express our appreciation for the wonderful teaching our daughter Jess received through Excel Drive.  We wanted only female instructors and we found they were all skilled and knowledgeable.

Our special thanks must go the Megan McLaughlin, however, as we noticed (and felt) a visible difference to Jess' dirving after her first lesson with Megan.  Megan seemed to understand Jess' needs and supplied her with a level of knowledge and insights that increased her completence on the road.  

Jess developed a good foundation of skills through your driving school and passed her driving test the first time. We are parents who take road safety and the skilling-up of young drivers very seriously, and it is with this in mind that we were so impressed with Megan's approach to teaching.

Please pass Megan our thanks.
Yours sincerely,

Catherine & Stephan Leppert, Victoria

Yesterday I took my drive test and passed. 

I'm writing to express how happy I am with the instruction that I got from Andrew Long - I would not have got my licence without his help. He is a fantastic instructor. 

I learnt something new in every session. He was always calm and knew how to lighten the mood when I got stressed. He was patient. He was funny. And he answered every question that I had. With Andrew's help and guidance I was perfectly prepared for both the test and solo driving as P plater. 

I will be recommending Excel and Andrew to every person I meet who is looking for driving lessons. 

Again, thanks to Excel and especially thanks to Andrew for all his help, patience, wisdom and guidance. 

Nathan Reid

To Joe Virgona,
You probably won't remember me (and that's OK) but I just wanted to thank you for helping me get my P's three years ago. I have no idea what I would do now if I couldn't drive as my licence has brought me my wings and indepdence again that I lost when I moved to the Western suburbs.

My world has opened up and it still surprises my dad when I tell him about me driving through the heart of the city during peak hour.  I mean really, it's not that hard, right? 
I hope that you can continue to bring the freedom to other late bloomers like me for many years to come.
Kayley Wedd, Victoria